Just the title of this story alone is enough to make you cringe, and wonder what is in the water over near the Atwood-Hammond Little League in Illinois. The little league is holding a fundraiser in the form of a raffle, and the reasoning behind the AR-15 rifle prize is that they didn’t raise enough money last year. The money raised will be going toward supporting about 12 teams in the league.

The folks behind the raffle are not shying away from their tactics, and openly are still supportive even after the most recent tragedies in places such as Newtown, Connecticut where an assault rifle was used during the senseless killings. We were corrected when we referred to this as an ‘assault’ rifle, and rightly so. We will now refer to it as a $2,000 powerful rifle which holds 30 rounds.

According to IllinoisHomePage:

“It’s got a full rail system, comes with a 30 round magazine,” said Bryan Butcher, co-owner of Atwood Armory.

“We could have went with a basic shotgun or something simple,” said league commissioner Steven McClain. “But obviously it’s not going to draw the attention, not going to draw the volume we’re hoping to make.”

“If we were to sell that gun in store with all the accessories and ammo with it, it would be well over $2,000,” said co-owner Charidy Butcher.

But not to worry folks! Whoever wins the raffle still needs to follow all of the proper ‘legal’ procedure to walk away with the rifle. Including having a FOID card, fill out all the proper paper work, and pass a background check.  It ends June 28.

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