Following Indiana’s 72-71 roller-coaster victory over Michigan on Sunday, Tom Crean who steers the ship for IU’s men’s basketball team didn’t hold back on ripping into  Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer (who was previously an assistant coach at IU).  Crean didn’t sugar coat this thoughts as he clearly yelled “You know what you did. You helped wreck the program! You helped wreck the program!” which was caught on camera.

The Big Lead helps refresh our collective memory regarding some context:

What was Crean talking about? Well Meyer is a former Indiana assistant basketball coach – back in the Kelvin Sampson days. Meyer was on the staff when Sampson was cited for impermissible recruiting phone calls. The NCAA slapped Indiana with rules violations. It decimated the program for years, until Crean revived it in 2012, and this year, the Hoosiers are finally a Championship contender again. [via RTV6]

Crean apologized in what seems to be a very canned statement on Sunday:

“On the way to the plane, I talked to him on the telephone. We discussed a couple of things and I apologized. In retrospect, I wish I had never addressed anything after the heat of battle in a game but I did and we move on. End of story,” he said.


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