This is my nightmare. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to fall down a mountain, this British climber has got you covered. Mark Roberts was trying to climb Snowdon in north Wales, one of the U.K.’s highest peaks, and he failed pretty miserably. Roberts lost footing and fell over 100 feet down the mountain and miraculously escaped with only a broken ankle and some cuts and bruises. The entire fall was captured by his helmet -mounted camera.

Mark Roberts spoke on the incident, according to the BMC:

“There was no feeling of panic, more a concerted effort to protect my head and neck, and be aware of what was below me, where I was heading and what I could do to slow and stop myself before I got to the more serious rocky outcrops.”

“I was a little dazed but, critically, not unconscious, I had the foresight to check the cam was still attached and just hoped the vid had recorded.

“You have to laugh sometimes, even with experience of risk assessment and making decisions, sometimes things just happen. When it all happens so quickly, you just try not to panic and hope there’s some luck with you.”