This has got to be a goalie’s worst nightmare, especially for Devan Dubnyk, who has been under the microscope recently in Edmonton. Nashville’s David Legwand dumped the puck into the offensive zone, presumably to make a line change, but the puck ended up bouncing right past Dubnyk and into the Oilers net. We’ve seen plenty of flukey goals blasted in from the red line, but this was a gentle lob, at best.  You’ve got to feel for Dubnyk though—he’ll be re-living this goal in the highlight reel for years to come, but all that matters is how he responds to it. He can shake it off, maybe laugh about it, and move on—or he can let it creep inside his head and throw him off, leaving the door wide open for the next young goaltending prospect. Judging by the final score of the game (6-0 Nashville), the Oilers have a bit of work to do.