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Former NBA Player Renaldo Balkman Loses It During Game Overseas [Video]

chokeI think the best part of this freak out may be the fact that Renaldo Balkman was actually cut from the Knicks last year to make room for the now seemingly tame J.R. Smith. It should also be noticed that at 6′ 8″, Balkman looks like a giant among men on the court. It is about time we caught up on what Renaldo has been up to…

The video below features Renaldo Balkman playing in a Philippine Basketball Association game and having an utter meltdown which included him going after the refs. Renaldo Balkman, who now plays for the Petron Blaze Boosters, really didn’t like a non-call during the last few minutes of their game against the Alaska Aces last Friday night. Instead of shaking it off he instead took the road less traveled and went after each of the referees and had to be restrained by coaches and a teammate. Did we forget to mention that he didn’t enjoy being restrained and ended up choking his own teammate’s Arwind Santos’ neck? Seems like Renaldo isn’t doing so well, but he still has passion.

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