Derrick_Rose_2Word out of Chicago today is that Derrick Rose’s doctor has officially cleared him to return to NBA game action. The team has been assured by his doctor that the probability of D Rose re-injuring his surgically repaired knee is no greater than that of a fully healthy player suffering an injury. His doctor told the Bulls organization that from a physical standpoint, “He can play now”.

It seems the final hurdle is a personal one, as a source conveyed that D Rose has told the team he will not return until he can “confidently dunk off of his left foot.” The Bulls have recently suggested that a mid-March return is a possible scenario. Regardless of when the specific date may fall, the feeling is that #TheReturn of the 2011 NBA MVP is quickly approaching.

The Bulls are currently in Sixth place in the Eastern Conference, and could surely use D Rose’s game changing presence as the regular season winds down. Would his return instantly make Chicago the Miami Heat’s biggest obstacle in a return run to the Finals? It seems as though we may find out sooner than later.

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