Celta Vigo midfielder Enrique de Lucas decided to have a beer on the bench before his club took on Sevilla, Monday.

In the video you can see the former Chelsea man sipping on what appears to be a small cold beer before his team’s 4-1 loss to Sevilla–a game in which he came on as a substitue in the 75th minute. As Yahoo! Sports points out, de Lucas could be drinking a nonalcoholic beer–something like an Erdinger Alkoholfrei, which is marketed as a vitamin-rich beverage that helps athletes recover from a workout. If it was a real beer, however, he will most certainly face some kind of disciplinary action. But judging by how open he was with it, it seemed as if he felt he was doing no harm.

Regardless of whether or not de Lucas will get in trouble with his club, one thing is for sure–he would fit right in with the Boston Red Sox.