Yesterday Fox Sports held a press conference announcing the launch of a new channel, Fox Sports 1. The channel will replace the Speed Channel and will be avaiable in over 90 million homes. The details that were revealed included UFC migrating from FX and Fuel to the new Fox Sports 1 network. Here is what MMA/UFC fans need to know about the new network:

-The network will launch on Saturday, August 17th and will feature a live UFC event in the prime time slot. No fights have been announced just yet but I would expect some big match ups for the launch.

-FS1 will debut a new UFC weekly fight night series on Wednesdays from Aug 17 through the end of the year. 12 cards are planned in total and will air from 8-11 p.m ET.

-FS1 will air 14 PPV preliminary cards instead of airing them on FX/Fuel.

-The new network will also carry the UFC library and show past fights as they currently do on Fuel. The network will also carry the weekly magazine show, UFC Tonight.

-The UFC will still produce four network events on FOX.

-No word on The Ultimate Fighter reality show being moved to the new network.

-And in other sports combat news about the new network, FS1 is also developing a new reality show on Mike Tyson.

-In other (obvious)news, FS1 programming will also include college football, basketball, NASCAR and soccer, according to the press release.

If you would like to read more information how FOX intends on bringing the heat to ESPN, here is the press release. Bang Biscuit!