Olympic pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie is one heck of a pole vaulter and also one grown man-baby. Despite winning his third European indoor pole vault title this past Sunday, he will still only be known as the guy who threw a child-like tantrum.

According to The Star:

The Frenchman took gold with 6.01m before successfully clearing 6.07m on his third and final attempt which would have made him the second highest vaulter in history behind the legendary Sergei Bubka.

But officials ruled his attempt was invalid as the bar, which he had touched, did not fall despite it having bounced out of its peg-holding position.

A furious Lavillenie kicked out at the advertising hoardings and launched an angry tirade against the judges before collapsing to the floor.

At that point if I were one of the judges I would have given the Frenchman a red card, tossed two technical fouls his way, and also escorted him to the closest child day-care for good measure.

[The Big Lead, Cork Gaines]