During a Division III Southern Athletic Association series game recently, a pitcher lost it for a few seconds and applied some rugby skills to a baseball game. The game featured the Hendrix College baseball team against Berry College, and not to ruin it for you but Berry won 9-7.

Levi Austin, a senior right-hander from Berry College, was on the mound when he had one of the better athlete meltdowns we have seen in a while. Obviously frustrated, Austin took out his anger on Colin Radack, who is the unsuspecting center field and base runner for Hendrix College.

Sporting News has the call:

As the video shows, the incident started when Hendrix batter Matt Simmons called timeout just as Austin was about to deliver to the plate.

Incensed over the timeout, Austin appeared to throw at Simmons, which apparently drew a response from Radack. On the next pitch, the 6-4, 205-pound Austin threw a wild pitch, then took down the 6-3, 200-pound Radack.

Austin, naturally, was ejected, and Radack was awarded home plate. The run gave Hendrix (5-8) a 7-2 lead.