If you didn’t know who Graham Carey was before, you will surely know who he is after you watch his wonder goal versus Hearts.

Carey, a midfielder for Scottish Premiere League side St. Mirren, scored an unbelievable goal versus Hearts on Wednesday. The goal came just before the halftime whistle and was definitely one of the better goals you will see this year.

Carey played the ball ahead to his teammate after nutmegging a Hearts defender, then received the ball back just past midfield, took a touch and then let it rip with his left foot from distance. The ball swerved from right to left before dipping under the top corner of the crossbar. Hearts keeper Jamie MacDonald was left hopeless and in astonishment as he watched the wonder goal hit the back of the net.

The YouTube description says the goal is from 35 yards out, but from that angle it looks more like 45 yards. Either way, a truly spectacular goal.


St. Mirren went on to win the match 2-0 over Hearts.