Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman

We reported on Tuesday that NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman was leading a contingent of basketball players to North Korea for a hoop-oriented tour of the secretive nation. The Worm seemed like an odd choice for a diplomatic mission, but now it all makes sense. The above photo is of Kim Jong Un at a Swiss prep school (what, North Korean schools aren’t good enough?) in the 1990s, rocking the signature 91 jersey that Rodman wore while playing with the Chicago Bulls. Jong Un and his late father, Kim Jong-Il, were huge fans of the second three-peat Bulls — a fact that would support claims of Rodman actually getting to meet the recently installed Supreme Leader.

We’re going to connect some dots here: Rodman played for the Bulls, Kim Jong Un is a huge Rodman-era Bulls fan, Barack Obama is from Chicago and is a huge Bulls fan. That means all hope for world peace may rest in the hands of Dennis Rodman. Who knew?