I can only imagine how this gentleman, who won a car by sinking a half-court shot during the Clippers and Spurs game, is going to present his wife with the car. ‘Honey, I won a car tonight and there is absolutely no video to be seen, but it happened and here is the new car!’

Unfortunately the video folks at the NBA are very good and they captured and posted on their YouTube channel the entire scene as it unfolded. Check out how the gentleman nails the shot to win the car and a cheerleader heads his way for a huge hug. You can literally see the thought process which goes through the man’s head as he doesn’t know what exactly to do. He went with the hug, and we have a feeling that even though he brought home a car, his significant other will mention the hug every time they drive together. The TNT announcing crew didn’t make it any better as they went in on the poor guy for the hug as well.

[Holdout Sports]