Ashlee Arnau, who is a cheerleader at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, MS looks like she may be pulled off the sidelines soon and onto the basketball court following her recent halftime performance. Ashlee nailed a half court shot during a timeout and did we also mention that it came off of a handstand?

We had a chance to chat with Ashlee on the phone and we learned a few things about her shot on Feb. 21st heard around he sports world.

Jenny grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi which is a small town where everyone knows everyone. Ashlee is not only a cheerleader and amazing basketball shot, but she is attending Carey on a soccer scholarship and also is a cheerleader and runs track. Did we forget to mention she is in nursing school.

The game was played on Feb. 21st during a senior night game against rival Auburn Montgomery. Since a few school officials saw Ashlee try the shot during the holiday break, they asked her to give it a try during all men’s basketball games since then.

The shot was drained during halftime, and she was as surprised as anyone. I asked Ashlee who the gentleman she hugged right after she made the shot and she responded that she had no idea. He was a random student who is always at each game.

Ashlee ended the night on an even higher note as she made the number one spot on SportCenter’s Top Ten and then found out that because of this prestigeous honor she got excused from 6am practices for the next week from all of her coaches. All in all, not a bad day.