I literally have zero clue what about what is happening in the below video except when I saw that Google welcome screen. I am a content guy, and have no inclination or drive to learn about hacking, jigglebytes, or anything else of that matter. However coming across this article was pretty cool and terrifying. You can read the entire article at Next Web to actually learn a little more. In essence, a security firm released real time video of alleged Chinese military hackers at work. Yikes.

This video shows actual attacker sessions and intrusion activities conducted by one specific Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group, which Mandiant has named APT1. This group has systematically stolen confidential data from at least 141 organizations across multiple industries. A full report, published by Mandiant, details APT1’s multi-year cyber espionage campaign and is available at www.mandiant.com/apt1.