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Better way to find out your baby’s gender: slice a cake or phone call from Snoop Dog? apparently it’s common for people to find out the sex of their unborn baby by cutting a cake?  This has just come to my attention.  It seems really bizarre to me.  I understand how parents might do this for their kids to find out about their new brother or sister.  But for themselves?  How do you entrust information of that significance to some random cake making person?  Are OB-GYN offices in business with bakeries?

If it was me there’s no way I’d be able to take that envelope from a doctor and go hand it off to a stranger behind a counter; at least without looking first.  Maybe there are intermediaries for hire that take care of that for you?

But what I’m really wondering is, shouldn’t there be all sorts of other businesses opportunities in this same genre?  How about a bottle of champagne than when you pop open it pours out blue if you’re having a boy?  Or cigars you light up that burn pink smoke for a girl?  Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce recently suggested you have him wish your sweetheart a happy Valentine’s Day through a company called  What better way to learn the gender of your baby than by getting a phone call from Snoop Dog?

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