Under Armour has unveiled their latest product – the Armour39 – and it looks pretty awesome.

While most ‘activity’ monitors like the Nike FuelBand or Jawbone UP monitor things like daily activity, calories burned and even sleep patterns, the Armour39 ‘performance’ monitor sets itself apart by promising to measure the one intangible that all fitness freaks and athletes really want to know – “will power.” Its main goal is to measure the intensity of your workout, not usless information like how many steps you took that day.

Like the FuelBand, the Armour39 uses a score to measure your workout called WILLpower. Users enter their information (sex, age, weight, etc.) into their profile and then set a score or goal they want to reach and work towards it. That is pretty much where the similarities stop however. The A39 uses an advanced algorithm that takes into account your heart rate, user profile information, body position and length of your workout to determine the intensity and give you your WILLpower score. The app also shows you your maximum heart rate, recovery rate and ‘ventricular threshold.’

This information is then transmitted via Bluetooth to either a special A39 watch or an app and then synced to your profile. Unlike the FuelBand, Director of Innovation and Research at Under Armour Mark Oleson says that the company is working on an Android app for the A39 as well.

Oleson says that this is just the beginning of the A39, however. He said the company is working on a a wearable tech clothing that would act as a virtual keypad on your sleeve, allowing users to change the temperature of the clothing with one swipe.

Under Armour is set to release the Armour39 in March. The chest strap retails for $150 and the watch retails for $200. You can pre-order your A39 this Saturday, February 17 here.