By now, you’ve heard of the financial plight of former Titans and Eagles quarterback Vince Young. Tales of his lavish spending — some possibly unsubstantiated, to be sure — include weekly $5,000 spending sprees at Cheesecake Factory, $6,000 TG.I. Friday’s tabs, and $600 Remy Martin shots at Morton’s after games, which is why he can currently be seen attending class at the University of Texas, instead of living off the millions he made in the NFL.

Naturally, Young holds his financial advisers responsible for letting him blow through as much as $26 million over the better part of a decade. However, in news that will shock nobody, his advisers are telling a different story — claiming Young took out a $1.7 million loan during the 2011 NFL lockout in order to throw a birthday party. A $300,000 birthday party:

Ronnie Peoples of Raleigh, N.C., said under oath during a videotaped deposition last month he contacted New York-based Pro Player Funding LLC about the loan after being informed that Young had already paid for the party.

The deposition was taken as part of a proceeding in which the former University of Texas star is challenging the validity of a $1.7 million judgment against him. A transcript of the deposition was obtained by The Associated Press.

Young’s attorney says Peoples’ account is inaccurate.