Being a NHL referee has to be one of the most dangerous jobs out there in the sporting world. The one thing that will forever baffle me, and mind you I have never played hockey before, is why refs don’t all wear face-masks? I am assuming it is a combination of wanting the best possible view of the game along with a little bit of pride?

I would have no problem wearing a full football uniform along with a goalie mash if I was ever asked to play ref during a hockey game.

Last night during the Stars 3-2 win over the Avalanche referee Chris Rooney was struck in the side of the head with a puck, and luckily seemed OK as he was helped off the ice minutes later. The incident happened just a few minutes after the start of the game.

According to the AP:

The puck appeared to carom off the neck of Rooney, who stayed down behind the Avalanche net. Rooney eventually got up and skated off the ice.

Sam Singleton, an NHL security representative, said Rooney ”checked out OK,” but he didn’t have any details. The Avalanche had no additional update.

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