If you don’t know who Marshall Henderson is yet, you will definitely know about him by the end of this year’s college basketball season. This past week has been a small explosion onto the national media scene with his taunting of the Auburn student section, with Deadspin’s profile on “basketball’s most entertaining gunner, and a day later with The Big Lead’s profile of the ‘jersey-Poppin, Coors Light-Drinkin’ Scoring Machine.’

If you check out each of the great articles on Marshall you will realize that this is a young man who apparently means well but trouble tends to follow him wherever he goes. During the Ole Miss and Kentucky match-up on Tuesday night it was no different, as Henderson had a momentary lapse of good judgement and chucked ice that had been tossed on the floor right back at the Ole Miss student section.

Henderson is a ticking time-bomb for the Ole Miss program, and in that honor we have started the official countdown until his inevitable on (or off) the court meltdown. We hope we are wrong with this one (because he really is entertaining as it gets), but after polling our entire staff the over/under sits at a mere 40.5 days.

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