Spirit Airlines has done a good job as of late with their marketing efforts to at least turn some heads. They recently poked fun at Manti Te’o and now they have moved onto the MLB’s latest PED fiasco which claims that Alex Rodriguez (among other players) knowingly took performance-enhancing drugs. The airline ran banner advertisements on their website which made fun of A-Rod using a play on the “PED” acronym. You can see for yourself below both of the questionable advertisements.

ped 1

ped 2

[Big League Stew]

  • Anonymous

    So much for innocent until proven guilty. AROD should sue.

  • Anonymous

    too bad Spirit Airlines is a garbage of an airline. try looking up their yelp reviews and have a laugh

  • Anonymous

    That is what happens when you lose your credibilty from the first time you get caught cheating. Just like any criminal with priors have little to no credibility even when innocent.