I don’t really have any words for this other than, wow. Thanks to professional wrestler Zach Ryder, douchebags across the world can now refer to their ex-girlfriends as “hoeskies.” (I don’t know if that is the correct plural spelling of “hoeski”?)

Ryder released the world premiere of his song “hoeski” via his Twitter account earlier today, and he is very excited about it. Just check out all of his tweets from Today.

WARNING: You will not be able to get back the 4:09 of your life after you watch this.

Ryder, who I had never heard of prior to today, has over 1 million followers on Twitter. Apparently, he also thinks he is the next Justin Bieber. Maybe Ryder and Ryan Lochte can team up and do a pt. 2, super-douche remix to “hoeski.” The world can only hope.