When Peyton Manning channeled his inner Brett Favre and threw across the coverage against Baltimore, he broke the cardinal rule of quarterbacks — never throw across coverage.

Earlier in the season, Peyton threw a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers, breaking the “No. 1 rule you never do.” In the video you can hear Peyton tell teammate Brandon Stokley, “That’s what we call rule No. 1 that you never do. But when you’re in your 15th year, you kind of just say ‘who gives a shit.’”

Well, Peyton, maybe you should have stuck to the rulebook on this one because that same logic ended up being very costly when Manning’s Broncos took on the Ravens in the playoffs. Here’s a look at the interception from Manning – who, coincidently, was trying to get the ball to Stokley – that led to the game-winning field goal for Baltimore:

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