If you’re like most people, the closest you’ll ever come to a high-speed police chase is from the comfort of your own home while watching it on the news or one of those ‘wildest police chases’ television shows. Well, a police chase for a stolen vehicle in Inglewood, California got real for one unsuspecting viewer on Sunday night.

YouTube user Jason Lee was documenting the action on his TV as it unfolded live on the news when he suddenly realized that the sounds of the sirens in the video were getting louder and louder. Then, this happened:

At first, I was like most people and didn’t believe this. It had to be a fake video. But, then I did I saw this video (below), where you can see the house that Lee is standing in and you can even see his legs as he walks to the window after realizing that the chase is happening right outside of his window. Fast forward to the 13:03 mark to see Lee:

The pursuit lasted about two hours and finally came to an end when police put out spikes to blow the stolen vehicles tires.