timTim Tebow may not be busy on the field, but he was busy in the city of sin this past week. Tebow was at CES where he debuted a new line of headphones, in which he will be the brand ambassador for, entitled ‘Soul.’ The company is called Soul Electronics,and their headphone line will feature high-endurance models for athletes, as well as a ‘business-inspired pair’ called the “Jet. We are hoping they are not like Tebow, and will actually play.

According to Mashable:

Tebow unveiled the new line at the 2013 International CES conference in Las Vegas under the Soul Electronics brand, which was founded by rapper and actor Ludacris.

In addition to the Jet, Tebow has become a brand ambassador for the company’s flagship SL300 signature headphone series — the latest model is available in blue, white and black for limited release. Meanwhile, Tebow’s Combat+ line features noise-cancelling technology and is designed for athletes, as well as more casual users.


"I hope they play"
“I hope they play”