Boston Celtics v New York KnicksA season ago Boston got off to a very slow start.  They suffered a 5 game losing streak (which included 3 straight blowout losses on the road by 15 points or more) that left them at 15-17 overall.  They were too old and too slow, and trade rumors circulated non-stop.  However, from then on the C’s went 24-10, finished with a 39-27 record, and came within a few minutes of reaching the NBA Finals.

This year a 4 game losing streak (including 3 consecutive road defeats by 18 or more) dropped Boston to 14-17.  All the trade talks and “old and slow” discussions resurfaced.  But now the same type of turnaround appears to be happening all over again.  The Celtics have posted very impressive victories against the East’s #4, #3, and #2 teams (Indiana, Atlanta, and New York) in succession to get back to 17-17.  It’s no coincidence that their sudden revival has occurred alongside Avery Bradley’s return from shoulder surgery, and the fact that Boston has finally been able to use the same starting lineup (Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, and Bradley) that brought them so much success a year ago.  Is it possible they’ll continue this run all the way to the Eastern Conference finals against Miami come springtime; just like they did last season?

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