Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett Tweeted the former Miss Alabama and current AJ McCarron girlfriend, Katherine Webb, asking her on a date to the always classy Wingstop.  Sure, there are plenty of things wrong with doing so, but the best part is that he thought it was a direct message to Katherine, which it wasn’t.  Poor Darnell ended up Tweeting a phone number to the world, which we assume is his.  We aren’t sure if it is actually Darnell’s phone number, or if he is playing a cruel joke on someone.   The number is for someone who resides in Maryland, but that is besides the point.  Other than finding out if it is Darnell’s phone number, our only question that remains unsolved is if Brent Musberger is going to get jealous.

dockett revised

Also, the voicemail box on the number that Dockett Tweeted is full, just FYI.