No one cares that you drafted Robert Griffin III in the 10th round and no one cares that three other teams passed on the Chicago Bears defense before you snagged them in the 14th.

No one cares that you knew Larry Fitzgerald would have his worst statistical season therefore you drafted Brandon Marshall over him.

No one cares that you were down 16.54 points entering the Week 1 Sunday Night Football game but came back to win behind Demaryius Thomas.  And no one cares that Chicago yanked Matt Forte on a goal-line carry in favor of Michael Bush, subsequently resulting in a nail-biting .05 point loss to the best team in the league.

No one cares about the screen shot of your Yahoo! matchup showing Andrew Luck on your bench as he recorded massive game on the ground, single-handedly costing you a victory.  And no one cares about a screen shot of Matthew Berry’s recommendation to bench Cam Newton in favor of Carson Palmer in Week 12.

No one cares that you missed the playoffs by .08 points or that you made the playoffs by .08 points, just like no one cares that you missed the playoffs by 800 points.

No one cares you lost LeSean McCoy, Michael Vick, Percy Harvin, and five kickers to injury.  No one cares you dealt Bryce Brown two days before his all-world two-game stretch and no one cares that Todd Haley screwed you over by not opening the playbook for Big Ben.

No one cares about your constant Facebook status updates on how many more yards you need from Michael Turner or how many more extra points you need from Blair Walsh.

No one cares if you win $500, lose $500 and definitely no one cares about your title game victory in which you collected a whopping $0.00 but a whole lot of respect from the other members in a free Yahoo! public league.

Fantasy football is God’s gift to us and while it remains an impeccably perfect game, bringing us to tears or laughter, it remains your team.

No one cares about your team except for you.

I care about my team, not your team.  I care about my nail-biting victories, not your nail-biting victories.  I care about my winnings, not your winnings.

No one cares about your fantasy football team except for you, and maybe your materialistic girlfriend.