This is one of the more astonishing things I have seen in sports. Check out fifth grader Julian Newman who is a mere 4-foot-5 and starts at point guard for the Downey Christian high school in Florida. Once you check out the video, you will see why this is nowhere near a joke. The little guy seems to run the point effortlessly and has handles which easily rivals any opponent. Downey Christian is a small independent school which operates outside of Florida’s primary governing body for high school sports, hence why Julian is allowed to start.

“Oh yeah, they announced his name and the whole deal,” said Crooms Academy head coach Don Smith, an opponent of Downey Christian’s last week. “Downey Christian is a real small private school and they put a little bit of anybody out there. He’s a little bitty thing, but he’s very talented.”

College coaches have officially been put on notice.

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