Remember that episode of South Park where the kids went ziplining and it was super lame? Well, extreme adventurist DevinSuperTramp probably thought the same thing, so he and his merry band of stunt sportsmen (and women) took ziplining to a whole new level over Lake Powell recently. They start off by skiing — yes, skiing — off the lake shore’s towering cliffs, which results in some pretty epic landings. However, one crew member decided to up the ante by tying a knot in the middle of the line. On the first tandem run, the lead man violently spins off into the water, which launches the trailing rider to unexpected heights –seriously, watch the behind the scenes where they freak out a little bit. There are a few other goodies mixed in, such as guy crash landing into their rented houseboat, which leads me to the obligatory: don’t try any of this stuff at home, kiddies.

via Laughing Squid