Last week’s installment of Inside The NBA‘s “Shaqtin’ A Fool” segment (alternate title:That’s So JaVale”) featured Portland Trailblazers guard Wesley Matthews blowing a lay-up in epic fashion. At practice the following day, The Oregonian asked Matthews to comment on being included in Shaq’s weekly blooper round-up:

Why would I care about something like that? It’s whatever. Ball slipped out of my hand. Shaq airballs free throws. Whatever. It’s just basketball.

The quote was relayed to Shaq on Inside The NBA Thursday night, to which The Diesel responded (in a very sincere tone — followed by a fist bump to bow-tied host Ernie Johnson): “I never air balled a free throw.” Unless “never air balled” means “at least grazed the net”, the following videos would say otherwise.