The Kansas City Police Department has released dash cam footage from the Friday night, just hours before Jovan Belcher reportedly took his girlfriend’s life, and his own. The footage shows police checking on Belcher who was passed out in his car outside of the apartment of a woman who wasn’t his steady girlfriend.

Police spoke to Belcher about 3 a.m. in Midtown Kansas City after receiving a report of a man sleeping inside a vehicle for a couple of hours. Officers found Belcher “passed out” with the lights on and his vehicle running.

Belcher was outside the home of a woman who wasn’t his steady girlfriend. Officers urged him to go upstairs and not to drive.

But Belcher said they didn’t understand because he had a second woman waiting at home for him. That woman was Kasandra Perkins, 22, who gave birth on Sept. 11 to Belcher’s daughter, Zoey.

When Belcher arrived home, he and Perkins argued. After shooting her at least nine times, he sped to Arrowhead Stadium where he would take his own life.