Since joining TNT’s Inside The NBA panel last year, Shaquille O’Neal has been waging a strange one-man war on Dwight Howard, even going so far as to rate the Laker big man somewhere behind Brook Lopez. Shaq’s explanation is that he wants to motivate Dwight to greatness, but it really comes off as The Diesel being an insecure and grumpy old man. Anyway, last night at Staples Center the Lakers were firing on all cylinders — 17 made threes, including a blistering 7-8 performance from Jodie Meeks — and Dwight Howard decided to get in on some long-range action. With a few seconds remaining in the 122-103 romp over the Denver Nuggets, Howard launched a corner three to put an exclamation point on a dominating 28 point, 20 rebound performance.

For those scoring at home, the three pointer was his second career make, and he now stands at 2-34 lifetime (.058). Poor Shaq ended his career a whopping 1-22 from beyond the arc (.045). Now, as we know, most of those combined 56 “attempts” were likely last second heaves (Shaq’s lone make) or garbage time hijinks (Dwight last night), but in the ongoing war of words between the two big men, every stat helps — even the meaningless ones.

via ESPN