A huge thanks to the Des Moines Register for putting this one out to the masses. It is quite simple actually. Grab a PBR and following the below rules. I think we have found the Cosby Sweaters new family Christmas tradition.

1 . You must have a PBR in your hand at all times.
2. If you drop the PBR, you must chug it and grab another.
3. 40 yard field. One hand touch. 4 downs to go 20 yards or ball will be turned over on downs. 4 more to go the other 20 to score.
4. . Jerseys will be provided and they are Sweet!. Extra points still given if you can pull out your High school Jersey and or Letter Jacket. Extra points will also be given to beards and mullets.
6. We play until we get to 70 points, switching ends when one team hits 35 or until we get really tired or we run out of beer, whatever happens first.