In November 2010, R&B singer, producer and rapper Ryan Leslie had his laptop stolen while touring in Europe — Cologne, Germany, to be exact. He initially offered a $20,000 reward for its return, but almost immediately upped the ante to $1 million. Fortunately for Leslie, the laptop was found by a German citizen, Armin Augstein. Unfortunately for Augstein, Leslie pulled a psych-out, and refused to pay the $1 million.

However, to Mr. Augstein, a promise is a promise, so he sued Leslie in American federal court for the money. On Wednesday, a Manhattan jury decided in favor of Augstein, and now Ryan Leslie’s wallet is $1 million lighter. Mr. Leslie can definitely afford it — the Grammy-nominee has produced tracks for a plethora of A-list pop stars — but it’s still a hefty chunk of change for a laptop containing things that probably should have been backed up on a second device.

via Huffington Post