High school swimmers in Colorado awoke to some unfortunate news Thursday morning. Four-time London Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin will be rejoining the swim team at Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado. The teenage swimming sensation put a potentially lucrative pro career on hold, instead choosing to retain her amateur status — Franklin plans on swimming at the University of California next fall — and compete her senior year of high school.

While many swimmers in Colorado are probably shaking in their Speedos right about now, Regis Jesuit’s athletic director, John Koslosky, is merely trying to prevent Franklin’s meets from becoming a three-ring circus:

Last year, there were all sorts of cameras everywhere. Missy was concerned about it, and I think that’s what made her struggle in making this decision. But she said she wanted to pass on turning pro and attend college, and she signed to do that, and she said she wants to swim with her teammates and her school.

Now, all we need is Missy to go full-on Larry Bird in every pre-race lineup — “who’s comin’ in second?”

via Yahoo