Thanksgiving, otherwise known as the day where I don’t subsist on rice, beans and granola bars.

Here are the Top 5 foods that will grace the table tomorrow:

5. Dinner Rolls

Rolls are the Rasheed Wallace of Thanksgiving food. They’re always delicious and you really can’t go wrong with them. Show me someone who doesn’t like dinner rolls and I’ll show you someone who probably hates puppies and rainbows too.

And what other food can you do this with?


4. Turkey

This is a tough one to put put this low. Unfortunately, there is some probability that Aunt Bertha could screw up the turkey and it comes out dryer than cotton balls. However, the post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches are the lunch highlight of my year.

3. Stuffing

While stuffing from the box can cut it in a pinch, fresh, homemade stuffing is basically God’s gift to carbohydrate lovers. Oh yeah, it’s also the best avenue to incorporate bacon into your Thanksgiving dinner. Google “Bacon Stuffing” and you’ll get over  9 million results. You’re welcome.

2. Pumpkin Pie

I once had a Thanksgiving dinner where someone tried to serve cake. What were they thinking? Also, any food that combines bourbon and whipped cream is a winner in my book.


1. Mashed Potatoes

My uncle always made the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes with a few cans of Hamms beer. It was game, set, match when those went up against any other Thanksgiving food.


Happy Thanksgiving, fam. And thanks for your support of CS.

Now go watch football and stuff your face.