Earlier this week we brought you the story of USC and UCLA fans trading pranks in preparation of their “Battle of Los Angeles” game this coming weekend. USC fired the first shot by defacing a UCLA campus sign, then UCLA appeared to fire back by delivering a nice big (literal) eff you to ‘SC fans via some illuminated dorm rooms on UCLA’s campus. The picture above went viral on the Internet and it looked like UCLA had taken lead on the prank war.

But, alas, it’s starting to look like the pic above wasn’t actually taken this week at all. Laist.com points out that this photo looks exactly like a prank from 1977. Here’s an excerpt of a 2006 story from The Bruin that describes the prank:

In a similar display of Bruin pride and support for UCLA’s basketball team, Tilles and fellow 1977 UCLA graduate Matt Natalizio helped organize an effort to let fans in Pauley Pavilion know what they thought of the visiting basketball team.“FUCK ’SC” was spelled in the lights of Sproul Hall and was easily visible from Pauley Pavilion, Natalizio said.

“The lights are like a grid and we figured out whose light needed to be on and whose needed to be off if we wanted to spell something,” he said.

Some UCLA students on Reddit have stated that Sproul Hall is currently under construction, so this picture probably isn’t a current one.

Plus, in a 2012 world full of camera phones and social media…don’t you think there would be multiple pictures/angles of this prank?

Unless someone can step forward and prove that the 1977 prank was revisited by UCLA fans this week, it looks like it’s time to readjust the prank leaderboard and return USC to their deserved throne.