Not smart.

You know the old saw, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” Well, the Philadelphia Eagles have put their own spin on it: If it weren’t for winning The Dumbest Team in Football Award, they wouldn’t win anything at all.

Kerry J. Byrne, posting on Sports Illustrated’s “Inside the Numbers”, felt as though he needed to break out some next level stats just in case us Philly phans needed “a statistical reason to fire Andy Reid.” We appreciate it, but all we’ve had to do is watch Reid mismanage critical game situations since February 6th, 2005.

Here’s a highlight of some of Byrne’s very telling stats:

Philadelphia is:

• No. 12 in total defense but No. 22 in scoring defense

• No. 8 in total offense but No. 29 in scoring offense

The inefficiency problem is especially acute on offense: The Eagles need 21.54 yards of offense just to score a single point, according to the Scoreability Index.

Put in football terms: The Eagles must march 150.8 yards to score the equivalent of a touchdown and extra point — one and a half times up and down the field. That’s a lot of wasted effort.

Opponents have no so much problem scoring against the Eagles defense. Opponents need just 13.76 yards of offense to score the equivalent of a single point, or just 96.32 yards to score a touchdown and extra point.

That’s a pretty dumb way to play football on any level.

via SI

photo: Snarkin’ The NFL