Ball cancer, those two words scare the crap out of me.

As they should. Testicular cancer is the number one most common form of cancer among men ages 15-34. Yeah it happens. In the spirit of Movember, it’s important to talk about this stuff.

According to, 8,590 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer this year.  One of the most common treatments is removing one of the balls. Doesn’t sound like fun.

The good news is that BALL CANCER IS EASY TO BEAT. There is a 99% survival rate if it is detected early.

But this takes some work on your part. It means checking yourself once a month. The shower is the best place to do this.

Single Jingles, an organization aimed at raising awareness about testicular cancer among young men, has some great resources.  This handy guide is from their website.

Download a PDF showercard here.

The other big cancer that men need to watch out for is Prostate Cancer. It’s most common in males above the age of 40. If you’re in that age range, consider getting a prostate exam. Check out the Prostate Cancer Foundation for more information. (Movember donations go to support PCF.)

Got it? Good. Now go check yo self. And keep growing those ‘staches.


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