Welcome to a new featured series on Cosby Sweaters. Once every few days we will throw together a “CS Top Five” which can be anything from NFL teams, to favorite cocktails, to favorite ways to cook a chicken. The thoughts and comments will be from the Cosby Sweater’s staff and you will most likely disagree with 100% of the top five. There will be more video and pics than commentary, because we understand you actually don’t care what we say. The first installment is our top five favorite news bloopers.

1) This is easily my favorite. Please excuse the NSFW language, but I have literally cried tears of joy for over 3 minutes when watching this. The poor host does his best to screen the callers and keep a happy face on… Way too good. Starts a little slow and picks up VERY quickly. Feel free to argue that this isn’t a news blooper, we won’t listen.

2) Bubb Rub and Lil Siis. They should be waking up in the morning an’ cookin’ breakfast or something!!! Not much better than this.

3) Mobile, Alabama gets a Leprechaun Crackhead sighting, and his Pot of Gold.

4) Oh good grief, yes! Scared out of his mind

5) Canadian reporter, being a Canadian news reporter. I love how he was able to sign off after getting wrecked, well done.