With the tragedy that is the NHL lockout, other hockey leagues seem to be turning up the heat in hopes of reeling in some new fans. The SPHL, i.e., the Southern Professional Hockey League (who knew?) may have just found their way into the spotlight.  A game between the Pensacola Ice Flyers and the Mississippi Surge ended in one of the best goalie fights I’ve seen in some time. Ross MacKinnon of the Ice Flyers made the mistake of challenging Surge goalie, Kiefer Smiley to a center ice battle. MacKinnon landed the first punch, which also ended up being his last punch, as Smiley then flipped a switch and beat the crap out him for a good twenty seconds. Best part is the refs just sat back and watched the whole thing until MacKinnon was on the ground with his jersey pulled over his head. The fight starts at about the 0:35 mark.

Via PuckDaddy