Remember Rebecca Black?  Of course you do.  She sang that obnoxious song “Friday” and refused to actually sit in the car that was taking her to school.

Patrice Wilson, who produced Rebecca’s viral hit, has trolled us again by giving unto us Nicole Westbrook and her debut single entitled “It’s Thanksgiving”.

There are more than a few things about this video that disturb me:

  • Why are nine white teenagers living alone in this house?  Is this the “Peanuts” gang?
  • Why, when Nicole sings about the ribs, does it cut to a black dude chowing down on them?  That seems racist. I mean, ribs are great but come on.
  • The turkey costume.  Dear lord the turkey costume.
  • Why are all of these children being entrusted to this guy who is clearly NOT the father?

Watch and enjoy, if you dare: