President Obama won a couple of things last night, you can choose which is more impressive. I am going to go with the fact that he landed another four years, but some (actually no one) may argue that Obama smashing the retweet record last night was damn impressive.  Mashable, BuzzFeed and Mediabistro reported that Obama’s victory tweet gets the “all-time” distinction for most popular Tweet, and as of 7am pst on Nov 7th it had over 640k retweets.  Give that social media manager a raise, Pres!

 Let it be known that I am fairly sure no one knows what the most “popular” Tweet was in history, but they are sure that this one takes the cake…. Mashable explains:

Twitter is very guarded with information about most-popular tweets, so there’s no official confirmation of the title-holder’s identity. A tweet by Justin Bieber was thought to have set a record, but Mashable reporter Sam Laird found one by restaurant chain Wendy’s that gained more retweets (215,000) than the singer’s post.