DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers was none too pleased when he picked up the program for the home field Washington Redskins, and he has a valid point. Williams got a little extra motivation from the fact that the Washington Redskins listed the Panthers game as their “homecoming game.” Traditionally college and high schools will schedule an easy opponent for homecomings, so their alumni and fans can enjoy a win. Williams took the message as a slight towards the Panthers and channeled his anger into helping the Panthers end their five game losing streak with a 21-13 win.

“It pissed me off, I picked up theGameday (program), and I’m looking at the Gameday, and it says ‘homecoming,’ and I’m thinking to myself, this is the National Football League. Are you serious? Homecoming? Homecoming, and it’s not like you tried to hide it. You blatantly put it on the front of theGameday, and you talk about somebody getting fired up today. I was pissed. “That was definitely motivating. You don’t say you’re going to have a homecoming in the National Football League.”

The rant was acceptable but someone should notify DeAngelo that his Panthers are just 2-6 this year.

H/T USA Today