Two small Kansas towns, Dodge City and Garden City, have been playing a high school football rivalry game called “The Hatchet Game” for some odd 75 years now, and this year’s game may have been decided by the wackiest play seen in all three quarters of a century.

A couple of weeks ago, Garden City lost the 2012 installment because of an interception, but it wasn’t any old interception. In fact, it wasn’t even a pass that was intercepted. It was a snap. That’s right, a SNAP.

As you can see in the video below, the Garden City quarterback was lined up in a shotgun formation ready to take the snap from his center. But it appears that the center didn’t realize the quarterback was lined up in shotgun, as he snapped the ball straight up into the air and it was picked by Dodge City for a touchdown.

Dodge City went on to win 24-20 and claim the hatchet. Ouch.