Chargers (3-4):


After a promising start in 2012 the Chargers have regressed into the mediocrity that plagued them exactly a year ago. Not only does the offense look lost, QB Philip Rivers (10 TD, 9 INT, 6 FUM) a veteran leader, looks very confused as his wobbly balls down field time and time again fail to hit their spots. With no solidified star at running back and a defense that lacks elite playmakers the Chargers have showed that stopping the pass is a huge problem; highlighted after losses to Drew Brees and Peyton Manning in embarrassing fashion. If head coach Norv Turner and Rivers can’t rally the troops here soon and find a way to establish some sort of offensive presence (30th overall in total offensive yardage), future challenges against Denver once again, the Steelers and Ravens do not look promising. Lets see if redemption is possible tonight at home against a (1-6) Chief team.


Cardinals (4-4):


The Cardinals are once again on their way to becoming a very sad story and it all starts in my opinion at the QB position and up-front on the offensive line. Since beating a solid Miami Dolphins team at home weeks ago in inspiring fashion, four consecutive weeks have brought four horrible losses. Although the Cardinals boast some big time athletes such as S Patrick Peterson and WR Larry Fitzgerald, the offensive line/pass-coverage/open field tackling, have been a serious liability and the running game has been horrible (28th league rushing). If Cardinals’ offense and QB John Skelton (57.9 CMP%, 1 TD, 4 INT) can’t get this team back on track after being beaten down by San Francisco, and the defense doesn’t emphasize the basics of sound tackling/solid pass coverage, things could get much worse in the desert.


Panthers (1-6):


QB Cam Newton hasn’t been good (8 INT, 4 FUM) and after losing four games in a row by 6 points or fewer, attitudes seem to be down across the locker room in Carolina. One of the main problems is the lack of vocal leadership on the team and the lack of veterans willing to step up and right the ship.  To cap it all off, after spending 80 million dollars this off-season on running backs the rushing game has been horrible. Continuing with the negative, as things have begun to landslide out of control, Newton hasn’t responded to the added pressure  (completing less than 60 percent of his passes) and seems very frustrated. Lastly, outstanding C Ryan Kalil and CB Chris Gamble have been sidelined with injuries, but there is some good news. Carolina’s ownership is not fooling around and the general manager has been fired as concrete changes are already taking place.


Eagles (3-4):


Despite four NFC championships and one Super Bowl appearance, talk of head coach Andy Reid on his way out of town has come to fruition. Like most NFL fans, I am guilty of thinking this may be the year in Philadelphia and given the talents of standouts such as McCoy, Vick (9 TD, 8 INT, 13 turnovers) and Jackson, I still don’t get how this offense is struggling so horribly?  The answer however is simple, a patchwork offensive line, Michael Vick is very overrated, and the team lacks cohesive chemistry on both sides of the football. As all the Eagles defensive woes were blamed on the defensive coordinator who was fired last week, sadly this move hasn’t helped and the defense continues to play uninspired. If the Eagles keep up with their current tendencies, look for Rookie QB Nick Foles to take over and big changes to come in the city of brotherly love, as year in and out Philadelphia is all hype. This up coming, Monday night game versus New Orleans will set the tone for the remainder of the season.


Dallas (3-4):


Things seem all too familiar in Dallas and disaster is coming quickly as the Cowboys just can’t make the big play in crucial situations. Despite stellar talent on paper once again, Jerry Jones is witnessing a debacle thus far this season. With their only quality wins coming over the Giants in week one, a solid Buccaneers squad and a horrible Panthers team, the Cowboys have failed to string together quality consecutive performances and the curse continues. Week to week fans simply do not know which team is going to show up on Sunday and with poor decision making in his last two home games, QB Tony Romo (9 TD, 13 INT) once again is being questioned by his own fans and the media.  Additionally, WR Dez Bryant hasn’t lived up to his athletic capabilities, runs lazy routes and is often not on the same page as the rest of his teammates. As the organization’s big moves on defense statistically have paid off, the unit continues to shoot themselves in the foot game after game with one or two huge mistakes. Given all of the problems by the offense, the Cowboys desperately need to get themselves together and string together some winning performances, but sadly, due to their tough division I’m not sure that this will happen.


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