Tomorrow I start one of the most daunting projects of grad school: growing a mustache. Here at Cosby Sweaters a number of us are growing ‘staches as part of Movember, to raise awareness for men’s health issues. It’s a good cause, you should donate.

I’m nervous because I’ve never had a mustache in my “professional career.” I did grow one in the summer of 2010, while working at a summer camp. That was a different world, though. I was basically isolated in northern Wisconsin with a bunch of other goofy people. That mustache was glorious, even though I couldn’t take myself all that seriously. It was nicknamed the “Commissioner Gordon.” But as soon as summer ended, I shaved it off.

I’ve never tried to grow one since. I’ve been too nervous that I’ll look like a creeper. I’m in grad school now, so I’ve got to maintain some level of professionalism, right?

When I got the email from Big Skeezy inviting me to do this thing for a month, I was reluctant. Can I really wear a mustache for a whole month? No way. I’ll look like a creeper.

Of course my biggest concern was that I’M SINGLE! WHAT IF GIRLS THINK I’M A HUGE D-BAG?

This whole thing was freaking me out, so I turned to the guy with the most mustache mojo I know, my dad. Rick has always had a mustache in the 24 years I’ve known him. I figure he must know something.

I asked him when he started growing his out, “September 1968,” he said, “I was about to get out of the army.” Wow, that’s a long time.

Even though his commanding officer noticed that Rick wasn’t clean shaven, he let it slide. “I just wanted to grow my mustache,” he said. What a rebel. After he was discharged, he moved to San Francisco and started listening to Janis Joplin. I can see where it went all downhill.

I want YOU to grow a mustache.

It turns out Rick has some ‘stachioed history to his name. Rick’s middle name is Thomas. That’s after Thomas E. Dewey, the guy from the “Dewey Defeats Truman” poster. Even though he didn’t have a great political career, he’s definitely would win a mustache election.

I asked him if he had any mustachioed idols. After thinking for a minute he said, “ Maybe…Sony Bono.” Wow, he’s two for two.

Yeah, that’s basically my dad

In 37 years of marriage, my mother has never asked my dad to shave his lip. He said he’s thought about shaving it, but it just wouldn’t be practical. “I’d have to change my passport picture if I did,” he said.

So, I guess the Hansen family has had good luck with mustaches. Come to think of it, the last time I seriously dated a girl was when I had a mustache. I CAN DO THIS.

This is going to be part fundraising, part mustache information blog, and part personal growth. (Not just on my upper lip!) And if I find that girl that adores mustaches, well, that’d be swell.

I’ll be blogging here every Wednesday to give updates on the journey. The CS Movember’ers will be posting pics and other stuff.   If you would like to throw a couple bucks our way, WE WOULD LOVE YOU, you can do it here.

Let it grow.