Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov sat down with Steve Serby of the NY Post recently and gave a pretty great Q&A. We have pulled out some of our favorite portions for you to enjoy, and you can read the full interview HERE.

Q: Leaders in sports or history you’ve admired and why.

 A: I admire Catherine the Great. She brought the Constitution to Russia. With her came enlightenment. In the US, the Founding Fathers for their contribution to the development of democracy. In terms of sports, I would say Soviet gymnast Nikolai Andrianov, who won 15 Olympic medals and dominated the sport, and the great basketball coach Alexander Gomelsky.

Q: Who are you more like, your mother or father, and in what ways? Describe each of them.

A: My father was an emotional person, but I’m much more like my mother. She was cool as a cucumber, as you say in English. In Russian, we say calm as a boa constrictor!

Q: Describe your ideal mate.

A: Beautiful, smart, sexy and makes a mean bowl of borscht.

Q: Is marriage something you would consider some day?

A: I have said that if the Nets don’t win the NBA championship within five years, I will punish myself by getting married. We are in year three. So no one is more interested in winning a championship than yours truly.

Q: Which actor would you want to play you in the movie about your life and why?

A: Chris Rock or Danny DeVito. For obvious physical resemblance.

Q: Since you play the guitar and sing, why not perform at a concert with Jay-Z?

A: One thing this planet does not need is me rapping.

Q: Fill in the blank — if I were NBA Commissioner, I would …

A: … move the league to Siberia and cede the position to David Stern.

Q: Fill in the blank — if I were president of Russia, I would …

A: … not cede the position until my two terms were over, then step down.

Q: People you haven’t met and would like to meet?

A: This person called Honey Boo Boo is at the top of my list at the moment. From Moscow it looks as though the US has lost its collective mind on that.

Q: Favorite meal?

A: You won’t believe it, but I like fresh Russian white bread with a slice of what we call “doctor’s bologna” and hot tea with sugar. Not a meal, really, but more of a snack. Reminds me of my childhood. Also, pasta with truffles at Nello’s. Absolutely to die for.

Q: Favorite sports movie?

A: All the “Rocky” movies, except the one where he beats up on the Russian, of course.


We at Cosby Sweaters, love this guy.