Some people take their love of a sport or college a step too far, and this seems like one of those instances. ND football fan Tracey Moore spent a mere 9 hours under the needle to finish a mural of the golden dome on the back of his head. Not surprisingly, the tattoo hurt just a little bit.

According to ABC 57:

“It was painful,” Moore said. “I can’t say it didn’t hurt, because it did.”

Moore is one of many to walk through the doors of Michiana Tattoo Emporium this year, but the only one to get inked on his head.
“It was brought up, ‘you know, I can do the dome’, so I said, ‘How about on my head?,'” Moore said. “I always keep my head shaved anyways, so it was just a unique place to do it.”

We respect the passion, but maybe next time he could test the waters on his ankle or arm?